Awards & Creed

Super Scholar Award

Super Scholar is an incentive for all of our scholars to master the memory work. They can choose all subjects or one or more to work toward. At year’s end, scholars will be quizzed randomly for each subject they choose – generally six weeks out of 24 – by prompting the beginning portion of the memory work.

Parents will work with their student at home and confirm they are ready to be evaluated at year’s end. The Director will quiz the student with just the parent present. (Parents are there for support and witness but must remain quiet.) The Director will randomly quiz the child with the beginning portion of the memory work or asking about a topic.

For example:

Director:  “Tell me about the area of a rectangle.”

Student:  “The area of a rectangle equals length times width.”

Director:  “Finish this statement: The Civil Rights movement started in…” and the child will respond with the entire history statement.​ OR “Tell me about the Civil Rights Movement.”

Super Scholar is the highest award achievable for all CSH™ scholars in grammar, dialectic and rhetoric ages. It consists of all eight subjects, all 24 weeks fully memorized from the grammar tour guide. The eight subject areas are – Religion, Geography, Math, Language Arts, Latin, Science, History, and Timeline (history cards). 

Signed certificates of achievement will be awarded to those who successfully memorize an entire subject. Scholars may choose one or more to work toward.

The titles for winning one or more subjects include:

      • One (Subject) – Spectacular Specialist
      • Two – Whiz Kid
      • Three – Terrific Thinker
      • Four – Academic Athlete
      • Five – Extraordinary Expert
      • Six – Incredible Intellectual
      • Seven – Emerging Einstein

If all 8 titles are earned the scholar earns the title of Super Scholar and the Director awards a special medal or trophy.

Triple Crown Super Scholar Award

Scholars winning the title of Super Scholar for all 3 cycles are awarded an additional title of Triple Crown Super Scholar.

This special award is offered to scholars who have previously attempted Super Scholar for two separate cycles and are attempting to achieve Super Scholar on the third individual cycle.

For example: Tour II, Tour III were achieved Super Scholar and now the scholar is attempting Tour I Super Scholar. Winning Tour I Super Scholar places them in an elite category of winning all 3 cycles giving them the second award of Triple Crown Super Scholar. 

Truth, Beauty and Goodness Award*

*Nationally recognized

Truth, Goodness, & Beauty is an incentive to learn about the saint, art, and music. Scholars can choose all three or just one or two to work toward. At year’s end, scholars will be quizzed randomly for each subject they choose – scholars identifying the saint, art, or music and telling a few facts about them (from the memory work CD). 

Truth, Goodness and Beauty Awards may be earned in addition or separately from Super Scholar. This 3 part award consists of: Saints, Music and Art. Each individual award earns a certificate with the title as indicated:

          • Saints — Transcendent Treasure
          • Music — Jazzy Jewel
          • Art — Competent Craftsman 

If all 3 titles are earned the scholar earns the title of Truth, Goodness and Beauty and the Director awards a special medal or trophy.

Once the Director is satisfied the child indeed has achieved the award
achievements and prizes will be celebrated and awarded at our Year End Showcase!

The level of participation in our incentives is completely at each family’s discretion.

Class Leader and Parent Creed

  • We build good habits when we start the day on the right foot. 
  • We believe that encouraging self-responsibility will benefit our kids in the long run. 
  • We wish to encourage positive virtues. 
  • We believe an orderly environment builds a peaceful environment that is conducive to learning. 
  • We will put an end to negative behaviors in order to maintain a good classroom environment. 
  • We will cooperate to affirm the dignity of every person in our program. 
  • We agree that any negative talk or gossip should be stopped at its beginning. Problems should be addressed honestly, openly, and privately, with love. 
  • We look forward to a class leader-student relationship that is a source of joy for all.